Troglodytes Scooter Club Cornwall was founded in 1983 during the rally season of that year, initially the club was made up of just the founder members (Martin Jenkins, Alan Platts, and Alan Goldspink) and a few other rally going Cornish scooterists. The club stayed low key at first loosely based around the founder members, until the isle of wight ’83 rally which saw many of the Cornish scooterists that attended supporting the Troglodytes name. After the first official club meeting in September ’83 at Palm Beach hotel Falmouth new members were recruited from Penzance, Falmouth, St Austell, Truro, Perranporth and Newquay boosting membership to well over fifty. By the end of the ’84 rally season the club had expanded to encompass scooterists and scooter clubs from Lands End to Liskard under the Troglodytes banner.

Originally the club was run by the founder members but as people moved on there became a need for a No 1 to run the club and organise events. The first No 1 voted in (who actually accepted the job) was Richard Sandow proceeded over the years by Andrew (woody) wood, Flis Cooper and the present No 1 Alex Anderson. During Woody’s time as No 1 the club became so large and wide spread that area representatives had to be appointed to keep members in the different towns informed of goings on. It was during this time (mid to late 80’s) that Woody started the famous Skewjack Weekenders that are still so fondly remembered by those scooterists that attended them.

In 1989 a split in the Troglodytes brought about the formation of the Section 8 Scooter Club made up of mostly EX-Troglodytes and Falmouth scooterists at that time. Any ill will between the clubs was quickly overlooked and the two clubs operated side by side and still do to this day holding their meetings and events jointly (including the infamous and overly excessive Crazed Cornish Christmas Do at the Godolphin Arms Hotel Newquay).

In the early ‘90’s with scooterists in Cornwall split between the two clubs and a general drop in the popularity of the scooter rally scene, membership of the Troglodytes dwindled. After our 10th Anniversary in ’93 and with a revived interest in scooters at that time (Parka Life etc), membership started to pick up a bit and stood at about 25 active members.
In 1998 Troglodytes S.C. aspired to revived the old spirit of Skewjack with The ‘Run From The Scum’ weekender, held jointly with Section 8 S.C. and incorporating the Troglodytes 15th Anniversary. This was followed the next year by ‘Run From The Scum 2’ in 1999 held at Trevelgue Camping and Caravan Park Newquay. These weekenders provided fun and entertainment for friends old and new as well as neighbouring and national clubs that attended. This led to hosting ‘Run From The Scum 2000’ again at Trevelgue Camping and Caravan Park in Newquay, this time in conjunction with neighbouring Devon club The Southern Templars S.C. from Plymouth. The on going refined formula has helped ‘Run From The Scum’ go from strength to strength, become firmly established on the scootering callender as a fun and friendly event while also helping to raise the profile of the clubs involved.

The Troglodytes have always been a national rally going scooter club and have attended most rallies since ’83 to this day (even if only one member makes it). We still attend many national and regional events and have accumulated a number of furthest travelled trophies over the years (possibly the only advantage to living in the arse end of the country).
Troglodytes S.C. has always had a modus operandi of once a Trog’ always a Trog’ so with old members rekindling their interest (kids growing up) and with ‘Cornwall being the sort of place it is’ new scooterists moving into the area. Present membership today stands at 49 members/associates able to turning up to support events and meetings locally, with another dozen members living out of the county but still supporting our local events and national rallies.

Troglodytes S.C. hopes to continue to provide camaraderie and support for its members as well as local and visiting scooterists. We will continue organising local events, attending rallies and supporting other scooter club’s events and hope to continue to sustain good relations with neighbouring clubs in the region and country.